For clients residing or having assets outside France, Michelez Notaires provides assistance in the following domains:

Real estate investments

Real estate investments in France

– Financing of investment and obtaining appropriate mortgage guarantees,
– Acquisition structuring, possibly including the constitution of a company,
– Legal auditing of real estate assets purchased or for sale and, where applicable, establishment of a digital data room,
– Drawing up of legal documents for the purchase and sale of property,
– Legal and tax advice to help structure acquisitions under optimal conditions,
– Assistance in establishing supplementary technical audits, compiling financial dossiers, submitting annual tax declarations etc..

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

– Gifting by non-residents holding real estate assets in France,
– Gifting of assets located abroad by or for the benefit of natural persons and legal entities resident in France for tax purposes,
– Anticipated succession,
– Civil and fiscal optimization of asset transfer,
– Designation of applicable law (marital property regime, inheritance),
– Marriage contract,
– Inheritance settlements involving a non-resident or an asset located outside France.


Michelez Notaires has established a partnership with a network of professionals to ensure optimal understanding of the legal and fiscal constraints in the following countries: