Michelez Notaires is one of the ten major notary offices in Paris, with a staff of approximately one hundred notaries, legal advisors and other employees.

Our practice has developed specific domains of expertise, mainly in corporate real estate law, residential real estate law and family estate law.
The practice has also developed associated fields of action, such as tax law, forestry law and private international law.

Through the diversity and expertise of its staff, Michelez Notaires is able to provide the skills required by the full spectrum of economic players – companies, institutional investors, private individuals and even public authorities.

Our teams approach each project with a careful balance of strategy, proactive initiative and personalized assistance.

Notary of reference

we offer you a single point of contact, attuned to your needs across the full range of your projects

A team of experts

constituted specifically for each of your transactions.

The latest technology

Michelez Notaires provides services and a working methodology geared to the requirements of reactivity, mobility and transparency.

“Very satisfied, very good advice and responsiveness”.

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“Welcome and discretion required.
I have successfully viewed this study twice. Great professionalism. To recommend without hesitation”.


“Professional and human expertise.
Rare these days !”

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Patrice Bonduelle – EN

Patrice Bonduelle – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, head of a team dedicated to wealth management and estate planning.

Patrice BONDUELLE is a partner of Michelez Notaires and heads a team specializing in wealth management and estate planning.

This team has earned a good reputation and is trusted by many private individuals and professionals in the field of personal asset management (private banks, lawyers, asset management consultants, accountants etc.).

The team focuses in particular on the restructuring of real estate assets and on projects involving business transfers, in coordination with its clients’ other advisors.

Additional qualifications: University diploma (DU) in Business Transfers – Certificate of specialization in business and corporate law – Lecturer in tax law at Paris I and Paris-Dauphine

Superpower: … age brings a degree of hindsight.

Hobby: peace in the families

Motto: « It’ll turn out fine »

Direct line : +33 (0)

Jean Lioussou – EN

Jean Lioussou – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, head of the family law department. He also developed the firm’s forestry law department.

His wide-ranging general education has enabled him to take an active interest in all aspects of our profession.

Additional qualifications : Qualified lawyer and notary. He has taught courses at the notary training centre (“Centre de Formation des Notaires”). He is currently a member of the Legal Studies Institute of the French Superior Council of Notaries (Conseil Supérieur du Notaria – CSN).

Superpower : Listenning Skills

Hobby : Walking every inch of the forests

Motto : Unity is strengh !

Direct line : +33 (0)1 56 33 80 92

Étienne Michelez – EN

Étienne Michelez – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, specializing in real estate law.

He is co-leader of the real estate promotion team and personal client real estate team. He is also co-leader of the professional client real estate team.

His wide-ranging real estate culture enables him to assist investors, promoters and private individuals in every category of real estate asset.

After starting his career in 1996 and working in several renowned notarial offices and in an international firm of Anglo-Saxon lawyers, he joined Michelez Notaires in 2002. He became a partner in 2004.

As partner of the Notary Office, he plays an active role in its management and development and is in charge of its information systems.

As a member of the notary profession, Étienne Michelez has been president of Paris Notaires Services and was vice-president of the Paris Interdepartmental Chamber of Notaries from 2014 to 2017.

Additional qualifications : CFPN, Master’s degree (DESS) in French Law, Diplôme Supérieur du Notariat (advanced notary diploma).

Superpower : dynamic handling of projects to the satisfaction of clients.

Hobby : cycling, sailing and golf.

Motto : « Set the course and Stay the course »

Direct line : +33 (0)1 56 33 80 20

Jérôme Terrier – EN

Jérôme Terrier – EN

Michelez Notaires partners, specializing in personal investment assistance

In this capacity, he coordinates a team that focuses on residential real estate and is responsible for supporting the individual private clients of Michelez Notaires in their real estate projects (purchase, sale and arbitration).

The team’s scope of action also includes the legal and fiscal structuring of these projects, in partnership with other advisors (private bankers, lawyers, accountants, asset management advisors etc.).

Initial training : ESCP Business School (École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris) – 1998 (option: finance)

Superpower : a cross-disciplinary vision of investment projects

Hobby : classical music (Baroque music and 20th century French music)

Motto : listen to the client

Direct line : +33 (0)1 56 33 80 27

Olivier Dagrenat – EN

Olivier Dagrenat – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, specializing in corporate real estate.

He leads two teams – investment-arbitrage and real estate finance – and is co-head of the real estate promotion team.

His extensive background in commercial real estate enables him to assist not only investors, promoters and users but also financial establishments in all real estate asset classes.

He plays an active part in setting up complex real estate projects and in the audit and contractual negotiation phases.

After starting his career in 2001 and working in several renowned notarial offices, he joined Michelez Notaires in 2011. He has been a partner since 2014.

In this capacity, Olivier Dagrenat participates in defining the firm’s development strategy and is in charge of communication.

Additional qualifications : DJCE (postgraduate diploma – corporate legal advisor) and DESS master’s degree in Business Law and Taxation – Certificate in Tax Law

Superpower : a vision that remains constantly transaction-based and pragmatic

Hobby : sport, especially kitesurfing

Motto : « Keep smiling »

Direct line : +33 (0)1 56 33 80 17

Arnaud Bayart – EN

Arnaud Bayart – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, specializing in real estate promotion & corporate real estate.

He is co-leader of the real estate promotion team and assists real estate professionals in their various projects.

As an experienced all-rounder in the real estate sector, he is able to handle all types of projects on behalf of promoters, renovators and investors.

He started his career in 2006 and joined Michelez Notaires in 2008. He obtained his official certification as notary in 2013 and became a partner of the Michelez Group in 2021 and of Michelez Notaires in 2022.

His role in the firm includes participation in digital communication and organizing the prize for the best student legal advisor in the real estate domain (Prix du Meilleur Étudiant Juriste Immobilier – MEJI)

Arnaud is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Additional qualifications : DESUP postgraduate diploma in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate- Paris I University Panthéon – Sorbonne

Superpower : his optimism

Hobby : a sport no-one knows: “longue paume” (real tennis)!

Motto : « Go ahead! »

Direct Line : +33 (0)6 73 41 45 52

Eglantine Vrain – EN

Eglantine Vrain – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, specializing in family law and private international law

She is co-leader of the family law team and, in this capacity, advises on all aspects of family estate law.

As an expert in private international law, she particularly advises clients residing either in France or abroad on the resolution of their cross-border issues (estate planning, international successions, international marriage contracts etc.).

Additional qualifications : University degree (DU) in International Wealth and Asset Management

Superpower : her kindness and her energy

Hobby : travel and interior design

Motto : There is no problem without a solution

Direct line : +33 (0)1 56 33 80 09

Louis Hude – EN

Louis Hude – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, co-leader of a team dedicated to family law.

He advises our clients mainly on operations concerning succession, gifts and donations, marriage contracts and wills.

Louis Hude also specializes in transfers of assets to non-profit associations and foundations and the assistance of protected adults.

Additional qualifications : University degree (DU) in Wealth and Asset Management

Superpower : patience et pragmatism

Hobby : preventing family disputes

Motto : « Let’s be patient »

Direct line : +33 (0)1 56 33 80 13

François Bonte – EN

François Bonte – EN

Michelez Notaires partner, specializing in the field of wealth management and business transfer.

François Bonte is co-leader of a team specializing in wealth management and business transfers.

This team is convinced of the benefit of inter-profession cooperation and works with various professionals in the field of wealth and asset management.

The team operates particularly in the fields of business transfer, asset structuring, family philanthropy and family governance.

François Bonte joined Michelez in 2010 after gaining experience in the personal asset management division of a private bank

Additional qualifications : He has an advanced notary diploma (DSN – Rennes I university), a Master’s II in Consulting and Personal Asset Management and a University Degree in Company Director Asset Management (IAE Nantes – Economy and Management), giving him combined expertise in the fields of law, tax and finance.

Superpower : a cross-disciplinary vision

Hobby : the adventures in the great outdoors

Motto : « Step by step: small streams form big rivers. »

Direct line : +33 (0)1 56 33 80 06



Because sharing between our teams and the attention paid to others and to our customers is a strength of our company.


Because the anticipation and dynamics driven by each of our files allows us to better guide our clients.


Because every project deserves that we respond at key moments.


 Because finding the right original solution requires more than expertise.


 Because our environment evolves, we constantly adapt.