Wealth Management - Transfer of Assets - Business Transfer

Michelez Notaires provides expertise and experience in family law, corporate law and tax law and liaises with the other advisors assisting company managers and private clients (lawyers, accountants, bankers, family office etc.).

Our recognized fields of expertise include the structuring, growth support and intra-family transfer and takeover of family businesses and the financing and transfer of real estate.

Our teams aim to provide clarity and practical solutions to these problems, which have become particularly complex in view of the increasing fiscal stakes involved.

Our main fields of action are:

– methods of business transfer, for example in the form of a gift inter vivos or intra-family transfer,
– the establishment and securing of tax exemption levers (“Dutreil pacts”),
– financing of transfers,
– problems of family governance,
– protection and transfer of professional real estate,
– strategies prior to transfer of the company (gifting before transfer)
– search for long-term solutions that are fair to all parties.

We also contribute actively to the structuring and transfer of assets, especially in the domains of residential or corporate real estate, investments in France by non-residents and their assets and Forestry holdings.

Michelez Notaires was awarded the “Label Notaire Juriste d’Entreprises”, a certification for notaries accredited as corporate legal advisors, issued by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat (CSN). We also regularly have articles and papers published in specialized reviews.

Inheritance and divorce

As one of the most highly rated notary offices specializing in family estate law, Michelez Notaires is the partner of choice for families and is recognized for its competence, the quality of its responsiveness to clients and its human contact.

Our teams pro-actively propose appropriate solutions to the various family and estate situations of our clients and provide continuing support to facilitate their implementation.

As a result, numerous families have placed their confidence in us, sometimes over several generations. We look for reliable long-term solutions that take into consideration the consequences of today’s longer life expectancy and changes in family configuration. We also take tax constraints into account and where possible propose reversible solutions.

Our main fields of action are gifts, marriage contracts and changes in marital property regime, will writing, life insurance beneficiary clauses, amicable or contested divorces and inheritances.