Real estate valuation

It is essential to know the value of your real estate asset before putting it up for sale, gifting it or dividing it up in an inheritance. After inspecting the asset and analyzing the local market with the aid of the “BIENS” Real Estate Database for Notaries, Michelez Notaires will issue a documented notice of valuation. For certain specific assets, we will call on the services of the valuation department of the French Chamber of Notaries.

Notice of valuation (issued in the case of an exclusive search mandate from the buyer)

– Apartment with up to 5 rooms in Paris: €450 incl. VAT
– Commercial premises in Paris: €450 incl. VAT
– Other: please ask for quotation

Real estate negotiation

Michelez Notaires receives agency mandates for the sale of buildings, apartments and shop premises located in Paris, greater Paris and even in other French regions. Our real estate negotiating service operates in a network with the Paris-based “NEGONOTAIRE” Negotiating Notaries Group, which comprises 50 notary offices in the Paris region. We pool our property files to ensure optimal and rapid response to client requests. This network ensures broad distribution of the announcements of properties for sale, and we supplement this measure with announcements in the specialized press and in dedicated networks. Our prices for real estate negotiation are attractive compared to standard market prices :

Negotiation fees are calculated on the basis of the sale price according to the following scale :

– Price range from €0 to 300,000…………5% incl. VAT
– Price range above €300,000…..3% incl. VAT

Interactive call for bids

Our “Immo-Interactif” service enables us to find a buyer rapidly via an online call for bids on the Internet, including all the legal guarantees necessary. As a veritable auction house accessible to all, the “Immo-Interactif” process enables us to obtain the right price for a real estate asset by comparing the offered and requested price in real time. The transaction is concluded once the seller signs a promise to sell, thereby accepting the offer that best corresponds to the seller’s criteria. These criteria are defined in a schedule of particular conditions notified in advance to the potential buyers.

The “Immo-Interactif” call for bids enables the seller to:

– Find a buyer with the best price conditions within a reasonable time,
– Conduct the sale with full transparency by monitoring the submission of offers in real time,
– Conduct the sale with maximum security,
– Control the timing and conditions of sale,
– Freely choose the best offer.

Auctions at the Paris Chamber of Notaries

Michelez Notaires can assist its clients from the early sale documentation stage to the auction of the property by the Paris Chamber of Notaries. Our teams can also provide assistance to clients wishing to purchase a real estate asset in an auction organized by one of our colleagues.

Assistance in the case of tax adjustment

ln the event that the Tax Authority requests additional information or a correction concerning the market value, our department can assist and if necessary represent its clients. This mission involves in particular defending the values specified by the client with the aid of information from the “BIENS” Real Estate Database for Notaries, together with an analysis of the opposing information provided by the Administration for comparison. The results obtained are generally highly satisfying.